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The Inspiration

The co-founders of The Inside Job,  have over 20 years of combined corporate work experience. They both have experienced stress, feeling lost and burnout in their respective jobs, which lead them to individually embark on personal journeys of healing and self-development. From there, they both then studied different holistic therapies to become qualified in their field of work to help others. 


When they met, they realized how similar their journeys were and they both had come to the same realization that our outside world is merely a reflection of what's within. To change the outer world, one must change the inner world.


They both share a burning desire and vision to shift the state of wellness within corporate environments by delivering holistic experiences and sharing skills and tools with employees who might be struggling in the same way they once did.


They have a shared passion to revolutionize corporate wellness.


This inspiration has led them to create a unique model that allows employees in the workplace to experience a deep journey of healing, growth, and transformation.


It is here that The Inside Job was born.

"We are inspired to shift the state of wellness because we know what it means to struggle with stress, anxiety and burnout. We know what it means to feel lost and stuck, and we believe that every single employee should have the skills and tools to overcome challenges and show up at work and in life feeling empowered, inspired, and joyous."

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